Model Practice Set on Quantitative Aptitude for SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 12

Staff Selection Commission will conduct Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination-2012 on 21 October 2012 and 28 October 2012.

The written examination consists of objective type paper including 4 parts that are as follows:

  • General Intelligence (50 Questions)
  • English Language (50 Questions)
  • Quantitative Aptitude (50 Questions)
  • General Awareness (50 Questions)

The expert team of has prepared the Model Practice Set on Quantitative Aptitude For the SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2012.

The Practice Set on Quantitative Aptitude is prepared on the basis of the actual Questioning Patern by the SSC so that the students can have good practice before the exam.

Directions: In questions no. 1 to 9, select the related word/letters/number from the given alternatives.

5. The ratio of two numbers is 5 : 7 and their H.C.F, is 9. then their L.C.M. is
(a) 35
(b) 315
(c) 63
(d) 81
6. A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days. B and C can do it in 12 days. C can do it in 20 days. How long will A take to do it alone?
(a) 12
(b) 15
(c) 20
(d) 30
7. A does one-third as much work as B in half of the time taken by B. If together they take 15 days to complete a work, then the time taken by B alone to do it would have been
(a) 20
(b) 25
(c) 30
(d) 35
8. A single discount equivalent to discount series 10%, 20% and 30% is
(a) 60%
(b) 50%
(c) 49.6%
(d) 44.6%

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