Motivate dyslexic child for studies

Q: How should I motivate my dyslexic child for studies?

A: Examinations and tests are the worst time for a dyslexic child,teenager or student. Even a regular school is a challenge as many teachers don’t have formal training in the correct teaching method for disabled students.Therefore,make sure that your child has the correct accommodations in the classroom.

For many students,this is considered an invisible disability.These children have large vocabularies,excellent verbal skills and appear to be“normal”.In many cases teachers just think the kids need to try harder.But actually they work much harder than their counterparts that are not learning-disabled and still fall behind.

Make sure that your child does not feel that there is something wrong with him/her.Most children with learning disabilities need more frequent breaks,shorter sections to cover hence do not rush with their learning.Reading,reading aloud,writing, rhymes etc all need to be used. For children with dyslexia/dyscalculia/autism etc,CBSE allows exemptions in the number of subjects.

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