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NCERT Class 10 English Workbook - Words and Expressions (Latest Textbook for 2021-2022)

Gurmeet Kaur

Get the NCERT Class 10 English Workbook - Words and Expressions - II from this article. This workbook can be downloaded from here in a chapter-wise PDF. Students must practice with this workbook to enhance their language skills and prepare well for their exams. We have provided the latest edition of the NCERT Book 'Words and Expressions II'.

Note - This workbook is a continued part of NCERT Class 10 English Book - First Flight. All the exercises in the workbook are based on the chapter given in the First Flight textbook. Therefore, before working on the problems given in the workbook students should read the latest NCERT Class 10 First Flight Book.

Get below all the chapters of the Class 10 English Words and Expressions Workbook in PDF:

Unit 1 - A Letter to God

Unit 2 - Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Unit 3 - Two Stories about Flying

Unit 4 - From the Diary of Anne Frank

Unit 5 - The Hundred Dresses–I

Unit 6 - The Hundred Dresses–II

Unit 7 - Glimpses of India

Unit 8 - Mijbil the Otter

Unit 9 - Madam Rides the Bus

Unit 10 - The Sermon at Benares

Unit 11 - The Proposal

About Class 10 English Workbook - Words and Expressions - II

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Words and Expressions-II is a sequence to the textbook in English for Class X, First Flight. It is a self-study material. It lays emphasis on providing a variety of rich and comprehensible inputs. This gives learners exposure to the target language and enables them to further their skills in the English language. The passages and activities given here create opportunities for them to handle the English language for performing important language functions and help them develop critical thinking on contemporary concerns.

There are 11 units in this workbook. The units correspond to each lesson in the textbook - First Flight. There are various tasks in each unit. ‘Let’s begin’ is followed by Comprehension passages, Vocabulary tasks, Grammar exercises, Editing, Listening, Speaking, and Writing activities. All units end with Project work reiterating the learning through elaborate activities. The sections have followed an integrated approach and focus on a particular skill of the English language.

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