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NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules (Latest Edition)

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With this article, you may download the NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules in PDF. You will get here the latest edition of the chapter that is available on the official website of NCERT. Therefore, reading the chapter given below is going to be really helpful to study the latest curriculum of Class 9 Science and prepare for the Class 9 Science Exam 2021-2022.  

About Class 9  Science Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules

In Class 9 Science Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules, you will get to learn about the unit particles atoms and molecules that make up a substance. This chapter explains the properties of these unit particles and other related concepts in a very detailed and simple manner.

Major topics from the chapter are:

→ Laws of Chemical Combination

→ Introduction to Atom

→ Symbols of Atoms of Different Elements

→ Characteristics of an Atom (Size and Mass)

→ How do Atoms Exist

→ Introduction to a Molecule

→ Molecules of Elements and Compounds

→ Introduction to Ion

→ Writing Chemical Formulae

→ Molecular Mass and Mole Concept

→ Formula Unit Mass

You may also list down these topics in a note book separately for revision purpose at the time of exams.

Get the full Class 9 Science Chapter 3 in PDF format from the link mentioned below:

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Download NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 3 - Atoms and Molecules

Check NCERT Solutions Explained by Subject Experts

NCERT Solutions form one of the best resources required for effective exam preparations. In Class 9 Science Chapter Atoms and Molecules, there are several unsolved questions based on the concepts explained in the chapter. It may be difficult for students to find out appropriate answers for all questions. Therefore, experts at Jagran Josh have prepared detailed and simple NCERT Solutions for all questions given in the chapter. These solutions will help all students understand the right way to answer different questions so that they can perform well in their exams.

You may download the NCERT Solutions from the following link:

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 3 - Atoms and Molecules (Updated for 2021-22)

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