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NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 8 Motion (PDF)

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NCERT Class 9 Science Book Chapter 8 Motion is provided here in its latest edition. NCERT keeps on revising the contents of its textbooks to provide latest and comprehensive information to the students. Therefore, students must read the latest textbook only to prepare well for their exams. We have provided here the Class 9 Science Chapter 8 Motion in PDF format. With this article, students can also download the accurate NCERT Solutions for Chapter Motion.

About the Class 9  Science Chapter 8 Motion

Class 9 Science Chapter 8 describes the concept of motion. This chapter makes you familiar with uniform and non-uniform types of motion.

Major topics from the chapter are:

→ Introduction to Motion

→ Motion along Straight Line

→ Uniform Motion and Non-Uniform Motion

→ Measuring the Rate of Motion

→ Speed with Direction

→ Rate of Change of Velocity

→ Graphical Representation of Motion

→ Equations of Motion by Graphical Method

→ Uniform Circular Motion

Download the Chapter from the following link to read the details of all the above topics:

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NCERT Class 9 Science Book Chapter 8 - Motion (PDF)

Some important points to revise from the summary of the chapter are:

• Motion is a change of position; it can be described in terms of the distance moved or the displacement.

• The motion of an object could be uniform or non-uniform depending on whether its velocity is constant or changing.

• The speed of an object is the distance covered per unit time, and velocity is the displacement per unit time.

• The acceleration of an object is the change in velocity per unit time.

• The motion of an object moving at uniform acceleration can be described with the help of the following equations:

v = u + at

s = ut + ½at2

2as = v2 – u2

where u is initial velocity of the object moving with uniform acceleration a for time t and v is its final velocity and s is the distance it travelled in time t.

• If an object moves in a circular path with uniform speed, its motion is called uniform circular motion.

Also, check the appropriate and best NCERT Solutions for the Chapter - Motion from the following link:

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science Chapter 8 - Motion

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