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CBSE Class 12 Mathematics NCERT Exemplar Solutions: Chapter 7 – Integrals

Rahul Tomar

In this article, students will get NCERT Exemplar Solutions Class 12 Mathematics Chapter 7 – Integrals. The solutions are explained very clearly including the basic steps, formula used by the experienced subject experts of Mathematics.

Important Topics of Chapter – Integrals:

  • Integration by substitution
  • Integration using trigonometric identities
  • Integrals of Some Particular Functions
  • Integration by Partial Fractions
  • Integration by Parts
  • Definite Integral
  • Definite integral as the limit of a sum
  • Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  • Area function
  • First fundamental theorem of integral calculus
  • Second fundamental theorem of integral calculus
  • Evaluation of Definite Integrals by Substitution
  • Properties of Definite Integrals

Importance of NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths:

The difficulty level of these questions is quite higher than the questions usually given at the end of the chapter of NCERT book. It will help students to enhance their preparation level for CBSE board and competitive examinations.

Questions from NCERT Exemplar are frequently asked in CBSE Class 12 Board examination and various engineering entrance examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, WBJEEE, AIPMT etc. Students can download the complete solutions in PDF form using the links given below:


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Short answer type questions


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Objective type questions


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About NCERT Exemplar Book Class 12 Maths:

Each chapter of NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths book starts with a brief overview of the chapter followed by solved examples and unsolved exercises. All questions of NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Maths book are very important for CBSE Class 12 Maths Board examination and other engineering entrance examinations.

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NCERT Exemplar Book Class 12 Maths, Chapter 7 - Integrals:

In CBSE Class NCERT Exemplar Book, students will find

Brief summary of the complete chapter

Objective type questions

Short answer type questions

Long answer types questions

Fill in the blanks (Fillers)

Class 12 Maths NCERT Exemplar Book: Integrals

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