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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English - A Pact With the Sun Textbook- Chapter 7: The Wonder Called Sleep

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In this article, we have provided Class 6th NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 from the English A Pact With the Sun Textbook. The NCERT solutions of this chapter have been provided after a detailed analysis of the latest syllabus issued by CBSE. Students of Class 6th can study the answers provided here to score well in their school exams. Chapter 7 is a story about how our body and brain recover from fatigue after a good sleep.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English - A Pact With the Sun Textbook- Chapter 7

Ques: What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?

Answer: The most obvious advantage of sleep is that it gives rest to our tired body. After a good sleep, we become alert and active again for the day’s work.

Ques: What happens to our body when we sleep? 

Answer: When we sleep, our body gets much-needed rest. Our muscles relax. Our heartbeat slows down. Our blood pressure also falls.

Ques: Define a dream in your own words.

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Answer: A dream is an activity of the mind that takes place when we are asleep.

Ques: Why are dreams important? Mention two reasons.

Answer:  Dreams are important for two reasons:

(i)They help us sleep in spite of the noise and other disturbances.

(ii)Some dreams provide a solution to certain problems.

Ques: Why has sleep been called a wonder?

Answer: Sleep has been called a wonder because nobody knows for certain what brings about sleep. Secondly, it transports us to a strange land. It is the sweetest thing in the world. It is a sort of escape from reality.

Ques: Describe briefly to the class an improbable dream you have ever had.

Answer:  I had a very funny, and uncommon dream last night. I saw two bulls locking their horns in the street. They fought fiercely. The people kept at a safe distance. One of the bulls fell to the ground. The other began to goad him with its horns. I kept a watch on their activities for a while. When I noticed the fallen animal in serious trouble, I intervened. I fired the air gun. It raised a thundering sound. Then I shouted to the bull to stop fighting. It left its victim and walked away.

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