NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English - Honeysuckle Textbook (Prose)- Chapter 5: A Different Kind of School

In this article, students of Class 6th can find NCERT Solutions for Chapter 5 from the English Honeysuckle Textbook. Students can use these solutions as the best source to revise the subject before the exams. These NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English can prove to be the best source for the students to self-assess their performance. These solutions are prepared by experts and cover all the questions from NCERT books. These solutions are designed as per the latest NCERT syllabus, laying emphasis on the important topics.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English - Honeysuckle Textbook (Prose)- Chapter 5

Ques: A. Put these sentences from the story in the right order and write them out in a paragraph. Don’t refer to the text.

Answer: Let’s go for a little walk. Only you must tell me about things. I shall be so glad when today is over. The other bad days can’t be half as bad as this. Having a leg tied up and hopping about on a crutch is almost fun, I guess. I don’t think I’ll mind being deaf for a day, at least not much. But being blind is so frightening.

Ques: Why do you think the writer visited Miss Beam’s school? (1)

Answer:  The writer had heard much about Miss Beam’s new teaching method. So he visited her school to see the new play-way method personally.

Ques: What was the ‘game’ that every child in the school had to play? (9)

Answer: Every child in the school had to play the role of being blind, deaf, dumb, injured and lame once in a term. It was a sort of game and training.

Ques:  “Each term every child has one blind day, one lame day …”. Complete the line. Which day was the hardest? Why was it the hardest? (9, 11, 15)

Answer:  “… one injured day and one dumb day.” Being blind was the hardest day. The student felt that he/she was going to be hit by something every moment.

Ques: What was the purpose of these special days? (5, 9)

Answer: The purpose of these special days was to give the children a personal taste of misfortune. They learnt to help the needy in society. Such training made them good citizens.

Ques: Re-word these lines from the story:

  1. I had heard a great deal about Miss Beam’s school.
  2. Miss Beam was all that I had expected – middle-aged, full of authority.
  3. I went to the window which overlooked a large garden.
  4. “We cannot bandage the children’s mouths, so they really have to exercise their will-power”.

Answer: 1. The writer had heard people praising the teaching methods at Miss Beam’s school.

  1. The writer found Miss Beam a middle-aged and dominating woman.
  2. The author looked out of the window and saw a large garden.
  3. The children had to use their will power to keep quiet.

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