Overcoming board (CBSE) exam fear

Q: Can u give me some tips to overcome my fear of board exam and to remember what all I studied perfectly?

A: In order to overcome your fears to take an exam you can adopt the following steps:

1. Eat well, small, frequent meals.

2. Sleep well and at fixed times.

3. Make an organized study schedule- -list out subject-wise what you need to revise - divide that by the number of days you have left before the exam date.

4. Make a timetable for revision-which you can manage to achieve - this can be done subject wise, topic wise, by grouping the easy ones with the hard ones, it depends on your choice.

Make sure you reach the target each day according to your schedule and reward yourself when you achieve the target set by yourself.This will boost your confidence. Solve papers over the weekend within the stipulated period as indicated on the head of the exam papers to gain confidence. Deep breathing exercises at the start and end of each session will also rejuvenate your energy levels. You should also involve yourself in outdoor activity of half an hour or an hour as it always helps.

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