JEE: Chapter Notes and Important Questions of Parabola

The chapter Parabola is a very important part of conic section in the syllabus of Joint Entrance Examination 2019. Here, we are providing chapter notes of Parabola including important concepts, formulae and previous year solved questions. In these notes, students can study the topics given below:

  • Definition of parabola,
  • Directrix of parabola,
  • Four orientation of parabola,
  • Latus rectum,
  • Foci and
  • Vertices

About 1-2 questions are being asked from this chapter in the examination. These chapter notes are based on the latest syllabus of JEE examination.

The concept given in these notes is in very concise form and can be used for revision before the examination.

Some previous year solved questions are also given in these notes which will help students to understand the difficulty level of the questions.

Important Concepts:

Some previous year solved questions are given below:

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