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Perks of working with a culturally diverse team

Nidhi Gupta

Working in a culturally diverse team seems like having a pizza that has different toppings. The end product is worth savouring when all the ingredients blend well Just like a pizza, working in an office or a team which consists of colleagues from the multi-cultural background can be amazingly satisfying as you get to learn new perspectives and hear new experiences from people. 

While in the beginning, it might be tough for some to adjust to the mindset of diverse colleagues, but on the other hand, there are several perks of working in such a team. Let’s take a look at a few perks of having a culturally diverse team at the workplace:

1. Boosts Creativity

When you work in a team that has a rich composition of a culturally diverse workforce; then brainstorming sessions become interesting. You will never fall short of ideas because everyone will pour their perspective to solve a situation. There are chances that your team will come up with a unique solution that will help your organization beat market competition. Every culture has their own set of beliefs, and a person belonging to that culture becomes the gateway for the organization to understand the nitty-gritty of that culture.

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2. Promotes Exchange of Ideas

It has been observed that when an individual work within the team that has a culturally diverse workforce, they become more open to new ideas. They start embracing flexibility without much ado. On the contrary rigid employees experience clashes and as a result, they quit in no time. For instance, if you get a project in the office that requires teamwork, then everyone might hold a different opinion about it.  In such a situation, avoid counter questioning others; rather listen to everyone’s idea and then work out solutions that are preferred by all or majority of the team-mates. There is a huge likelihood that the solution will enhance the acceptability of product or service in the market because nuances of all several cultures were taken into consideration.

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3. Multi-Cuisine Lunches

If you are a foodie, there could be no better way to enjoy the company of a culturally diverse team than sharing your lunch.  You will always have a variety of cuisines to savour during the lunchtime. It will keep your craving at bay to munch on the unhealthy snacks outside the office. When you have colleagues that offer mouth savouring delicacies in the lunch, it’s a daily treat for you. So if you have a Bengali and south Indian colleague, expect rashogulla and idli sambhar in the lunchbox once in a while. You can also expect wonderful tips on preparing authentic cuisines from different cultures at home for your family as well.

4. Offer you diverse skills

Your colleagues from diverse backgrounds will help you enhance your competencies. If you mingle in the team cordially, it will become easy to exchange ideas and learn skills that are unique to them. You will experience an increased ability to succeed within the organization. There is a simple rule that knowledge expands when you share it with others. So, share knowledge with each other to expand your limited horizon and make way for fresh ideas.

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5. Helps you integrate with different cultures

India being a country with diverse cultures is hard to explore for a single individual. But if you are lucky to have culturally diverse colleagues then you can explore more about their festivities, rituals, practices while staying in your cocoon. For say you have a colleague who puts up in Kerala, and you plan to visit that place in the next vacations, your Keralite friend will surely provide insights and genuine tips for traveling to Kerala. They will even give you smart hacks about saving money while enjoying at God’s own country. Not only this, you can learn a bit of Malayalam from them. This will help you interact with the localities there.

6. Helps you overcome negative cultural stereotypes

In the process of growing up, an individual gains knowledge about various cultures through several different modes. However, the information that you learn from these sources about different cultures and lifestyle of people from different states is not always accurate. Therefore, in order to get a real perspective about the sanctity of a particular culture, your colleagues who belong to different cultures can help you out.

Do you also have a team with colleagues having culturally diverse background at your workplace? Share with us the perks you experience working with your colleagues, in the comments section below. For more such trivia, keep visiting us @

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