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CBSE Class 10 Mathematics NCERT Solutions: Chapter 15, Probability

Gurmeet Kaur

If you are searching for the NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 10 Mathematics, then you have reached the right place as here you will get the most accurate and detailed solutions for questions given in Class 10 Maths NCERT book.

In this article we are providing the NCERT solutions to Class 10 Mathematics Chapter 15, Probability.  All these solutions are available in PDF format which you may access totally free of cost.  Our subject experts have reviewed these NCERT solutions to provide you the error free content which will make it easy for you to make an effective preparation for the annual exams.

 Some prominent features of Class 10 Math NCERT Solutions provided here are:

So, to get desired results in exams, it’s very necessary for students to thoroughly solve the questions given at the end of each chapter of the Class 10 Maths NCERT book.

Class 10 Mathematics NCERT Exemplar Problems & Solutions

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Main topics discussed in Class 10 Mathematics chapter- Probability are:

Some of the questions and their solutions from NCERT Solutions for Class 10: Probability, are as follows:

Get the complete the NCERT Chapter: Probability and its NCERT solution from the following links:



NCERT Solutions

The questions and answers given in NCERT textbooks at the end of each chapter are not only important for examination but also essential for understanding the concepts in a better way. Hence, we strongly recommend reading these books thoroughly and solving all the exercise questions given at the end of each chapter.

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