Why teenage relationships becomes an issue for school students

Adolescence or Teenage years i.e. 13-19 age group are the most crucial time for a person. There are drastic changes happening in their school as well as personal life for example board exams, career decision as well as puberty. Moreover, this is the time when they make friends who will be there for a lifetime. Sometimes, students develop affection for each other which is natural as they spend long hours together during classroom studies as well as extracurricular activities. These feelings can be termed as crush or infatuation which can lead to one-sided affections or even if mutual feelings are there then students are involved in teenage relationships.

Friendships between school students are quite healthy, however, if students are involved in love relationships at school, then it can have many consequences too such as stress due to fights or even loneliness when they are not able to discuss their feelings with someone.

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Considering that the school students/teenagers are in process of developing cognitive abilities, then issues arising to them due to friendships and love relationships at school can be troubling. So, it is really necessary to identify and eliminate such issues among teenagers at school.

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How teenage relationships become a problem?

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Conclusion: The school years are decisive years and this time should be focused on academic and career. Moreover, parents and even teachers need to notice the behaviour of students and make them understand their feelings. One wrong move can cause damage to the young mind. Elders need to show them the right path and not make them feel guilty or believe that making friends with the other gender is bad as it will severely affect their emotional and social growth.


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