Psychometric Test: Is it the New Gateway to junior level Post in Banks?

Psychometric Test: What is it?

Psychometrics is defined as the branch of study that deals with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. It is used by a number of organisations in order to understand the psychological compatibility of a candidate to be successful in the job. The test is basically a number of situations given to a candidate and it is tested how the candidate will react to that particular situation. There is generally no particular right or wrong answer but the candidate with the right mix of mind for the job will be picked by the recruiters over others from the answers given by him or her.

Who is a Bank Clerk?

A bank clerk is an official of the bank who is the first point of contact for a person who enters the bank and that is why; they are also called as the front desk executives of the bank. It is from the clerks that a prospective customer gets the first hand idea of service provided to customers by the bank. Hence, it is very important for the bank to have the right kind of people placed at the forefront of its operations. Clerks also do all the general banking operations such as receipt, payments, account opening, fund transfer etc.

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Psychometric Test and Bank Clerk: Are they Compatible?

As all of you are already aware, IBPS has decided to do away with the interview process in the clerical recruitment from this year and in place of that, it has been expected that a psychometric test will be conducted from next year onwards i.e. CWE VI in order to find out the suitable candidate for that job of a bank clerk. Psychometric test is for understanding the psychological build of a candidate and a bank clerk needs to be psychologically ready to take the responsibility of interacting in the right way with the customers so that they come to that bank instead of others.
Bank Clerk job is not always about the banking knowledge you have but it is more about having the attitude to help your customers even when you do not know how to solve a problem. It is about understanding a problem ASAP so that you can fix it ASAP. It is about having the presence of mind, the cooperative bent of mind so that customers love you for your service. And for candidates, it does not require any particular preparation to be successful in a psychometric test.
However for CWE Clerks V, the IBPS has announced that 100 percent weightage will be given to the score obtained by the candidate in the online Main Examination. It is expected that psychometric tests will take place of the interview from next year onwards. In a recent meeting of committee of secretaries chaired by the cabinet secretary, in which the Finance Ministry has asked all the public sector banks to strengthen the written examination for the posts of clerical and sub-staff as there will be no interviews for such appointments.

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