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Top 8 common qualities of IAS Toppers

Jyoti Sharma

IAS toppers are often idealised in our society as they have cleared the toughest exam in the country. IAS Topper like in other topper is a good student first and then he/she becomes a topper. It’s important to analyse what qualities in these individuals help them gain the stature of an IAS Topper.

Here, in the following article, we have tried to decipher 8 unique qualities which are common among the IAS toppers.

1. Discipline and Will Power:

First and foremost, discipline is the best quality to adapt to succeed in the long run. IAS Toppers like any other sincere student, understand the importance of time and energy in their study routine, hence they are extremely disciplined about their study hours and timings daily. This sense of discipline comes from an iron will to excel in every endeavour in life, starting with maintaining a proper study timetable. Will power is not just needed in studying for long hours, but also when the aspirant is feeling low in life, it gives you strength to buckle up and start anew.

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2. Dedication and Consistency:

The basic difference between an IAS topper and a failed IAS aspirant is dedication and consistency which comes with practice. Being dedicated to learning new things and consistently improving the way to learn is an art which can be embraced by IAS aspirants by following a strict timetable for studying. IAS toppers realise the importance of consistency in study routine and also take out time to revise every day.

3. Never-say-die attitude:

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IAS toppers have a never-say-die attitude which gives them motivated throughout the whole process of the IAS exam. When someone has the never-say-die attitude, they don't give up easily which is essential during the IAS exam preparation. IAS aspirants should crucially adapt to such an attitude because civil services are a game changer for everyone and it will help them realise the risks associated with the IAS exam. Unless you die, you can’t say no.

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4. Reflective Thinking:

During the process of studying for civil services, IAS toppers develop a reflective thinking which helps them to visualise the way forward in a problem situation. The analytical reasoning skill set also helps the topper to think out of the box while giving the IAS exam. This visionary thinking distinguishes the answer of an IAS topper from that of the mass as it has a unique solution and recommendations than the majority of the students.

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5. Self-belief and self-confidence:

As observed by Gandhiji- “Knowledge is power”, as the student keeps learning, his confidence increases so are true for the IAS toppers. IAS toppers have a strong belief system which acts like a constant driving force for them to excel in their IAS preparation. Self-belief is directly proportional to the amount of syllabus completed. Like all IAS toppers, the IAS Toppers should also try to complete their IAS syllabus in time so that their ample amount of time left for revision.

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6. Sets clear goals and organisational skills:

IAS Toppers always have a perspective towards the way of life. They know that clarity in minds reflects the clarity in the thought process which is extremely important while writing the IAS exam. Goals, whether short term or long term should be crystal clear because planned goals help IAS toppers organise their studies according to their aptitude. Organising the study material and completing the IAS syllabus in a systematic way can be achieved if IAS aspirants have perspective towards the IAS exam.

7. Respect and embrace what they study:

“Work is worship”, is truly applicable to an IAS topper. He/she always realises that the word work is subjective to situations like when they are IAS aspirant, their work is to study hard and when they become an IAS officer, their work would be to be a good administrator. So likewise, IAS toppers respect their work while they are preparing for the IAS exam; they are sincere towards studying and try to apply the knowledge gained into solving problems detected from time to time.

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8. Self- actualization and introspection:

IAS toppers realise the no one can be perfect in life and there is room for improvement in everyone’s IAS preparation so they keep improving their strategy by critically analysing their learning. IAS toppers know how to comprehend the information learned in the way that is needed in the exam. Introspection is not just a moral exercise; it can be extensively used in every phase of living (also as a student) is self- actualize the deeds.


IAS toppers have always been a source of inspiration for the youths of the country. Moreover, these qualities if embraced by the students can make a big difference in their journey to succeed in life. Becoming a topper is everyone’s dream, but IAS aspirants should remember that big dream takes bigger efforts. Blindly following someone is also wrong, so while embracing these qualities, each student should devise his/her unique way to implement these traits in their personal lives.

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