Quantitative Aptitude: Tips & Strategy- Points to Remember for Fraction

1. A fraction cannot have zero as denominator.

2. To simplify a continued fraction always starts from bottom and work upwards.

3. Conversion of a Decimal Fraction into a Vulgar Fraction

To convert a decimal fraction into a vulgar fraction, place 1 in the denominator under the decimal point. Then, after removing the decimal point, place as many zeroes after 1 as the number of digits after the decimal point. Finally, reduce the fraction to its lowest terms.

4. Conversion of Pure Recurring Decimal into a Vulgar Fraction

Write down the repeated figures only once in the numerator and place as many nines in the denominator as the number of figures repeating. :

5. Conversion of Mixed Recurring Decimal into a Vulgar Fraction

To convert a mixed recurring decimal into a vulgar fraction, in the numerator take the difference between the number formed by all the digits after decimal point (fepeated digits will be taken only once) and the number formed by non-repeating digits. In the denominator, place as many nines as there are repeating digits and after nine put as many zeroes as is the number of non-repeating digits.

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