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Quantitative Aptitude Tricks & Shortcuts for CAT 2019

Gaurav Macwan

CAT Toppers have termed Quantitative Aptitude section as the most scoring section in the CAT 2019 exam. However, at the same time, they also claim that Quant questions can be very tricky and time-consuming, if you don’t know the right way around them. Therefore, in order to crack Quantitative Aptitude section, CAT aspirants have to learn and adopt several Quant tricks and Quant shortcuts. Let’s find out the most common Quant shortcuts and tricks that can help you in solving the Quantitative Aptitude questions quickly.

1. Squares of Two Digit Numbers

This Quant Shortcut helps aspirants find squares of two digit numbers easily. In order to do so, aspirants can follow the below-given steps:


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1. If you want to find square of 51 or 512

2. Let us try with 63

Final Answer: 3969.

3. Now let us try with a smaller number 28

Final Answer: 784

2. Squares of Three Digit Numbers

To find square of a three digit number using traditional mathematical process is a time consuming process, which is not ideally suited for CAT exam. Therefore, candidates can use to below given short-cut method to find squares of 3 digit numbers.

Find Square of XYZ


Find the square of 221

Final Answer: (221)² = 48841

Example: Find the square of 771

Final Answer: 594441

Example: Find the square of 111

Final Answer: 12321

3. Finding Average or Change in Average

Here’s how you can find averages or change in average questions quickly using a shortcut technique.

Example: The average of a batsman in 16 innings is 30. In the next innings, he is scoring 70 runs. What will be his new average?

Answer through Regular Method: Total runs scored by the batsman in 17 innings: 480+70=550

Total innings played= 17

Hence, the new average = 550/17=32.35

Answer using the Short Cut technique:

Example 2: The average marks of 20girls in a particular school are 50. When a new girl with marks 80 joins the class, what will be the new average of the class?

Answer using the Shortcut method:

These were just a few Quant tricks that can help you to improve your speed and accuracy and in turn help you to crack the CAT 2019 exam and get into IIMs. To learn more such tricks and shortcut techniques, please visit www.jagranjosh.com.

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