Rajasthan Board Class 10 Computer Book

Today the computer industry is growing at very fast rate. Computers are needed everywhere. Computers  have become an essential part of each industry. Due to the increasing use of computer technology in every field, a number of career opportunities have emerged out for skilled candidates. Viewing the immense importance of computer knowledge, various boards have incorporated computer as a subject in their learning system. It is done with a purpose of inspiring students to undertake careers in technology and enhance their understanding of the utilisation of computer technology in our daily lives. 

Class 10 Computer Book:

In this article we are providing Rajasthan Board Class 10 Computer Book that has been referred by the board. This book is written by experienced teachers and professor having deep knowledge and understanding of the subject.

This book contains total 14 chapters. These are:

Students can completely rely on these books for understanding the concepts as well as for the preparation of the board exams. Sometimes, questions given in these books are directly asked in Rajasthan Board exams. Therefore, students preparing for class 10th Computer board exam must refer these textbooks. After reading each chapter, students will find glossary of words following by comprehension questions including objective type questions, short answer type questions, long answer type questions and essay type questions.

Inside Rajasthan Board Class 10 Computer Book:

  • List of Experiments for Class 10 Computer Practical  
  • Complete Overview
  • Objective answer type questions
  • Very Short answer type questions
  • Short answer type questions  
  • Essay type questions

Download the complete book from the following link:

Rajasthan Board Class 10 Computer Book

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