Reasoning/General Intelligence Concept and Sample Questions: Statement and Arguments

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In these types of questions statement followed by two arguments is given. The candidates have to decide which of the arguments on the basis of statement is strong and which one is weak. Before answering the question it is necessary to understand the conception about strong and weak arguments.

Strong arguments are both important and directly related to the question, while weak argument is of minor importance and is related to trivial aspect of the question.

Example 1.

Statement: Should smoking be prohibited?

I. No, it will throw thousands of workers in the tobacco industry out of employment
II. Yes, the economic condition of those who smoke will be bettered.

Answer with Explanation: 

By prohibiting smoking, the workers in the tobacco industry will be out of employment. Hence argument II is also strong.

Example 2.

Statement: Should we believe in violence?

I. No, ultimately it will be harmful.
II. Yes, it will be beneficial to us

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Answer with explanation:

These both the arguments are weak because they do not clear that how it is harmful or beneficial to us.

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