Re-test of Maharashtra State Teacher Eligibility Test demanded by the Applicants

The test-takers of the first time held Maharashtra state Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) were seen complaining about being asked out of the Syllabus and tough questions in the exam, and held responsible Maharashtra State Council of Examination and the state education department for creating such question paper. The TET was conducted on 15-12-2013 and more than 5 lakh students appeared for this state Test.

Upon being asked the teachers said that they had asked for the exam syllabus on the day the examination date notification was released.Nevertheless, the contents and syllabus was not announced in order to avoid confusion among the aspirants regarding how much to prepare for.

One of the examinees, Shaikh Zamir Raza, told that Paper I of Urdu language contained minimum 21 questions that had none of the options as correct answer, and same problem was with paper II. The questions were half-heartedly prepared without being reviseddue to which many questions lost meaning when translated from Marathi to Urdu and candidates could not understand the question itself.

Another candidate, Yasmin Hamdi, complained of wastage of their time while attempting answer, as all options were provided wrong in many questions.

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Shekhar Yashwante,an another test-writer informed that mathematics questions in the paper I meant for DT.Ed pass candidates, who have studied only HSC level Math were asked difficult questions from degree college syllabus. In contrast, the paper II, attempted by B.Ed applicants received question paper that contained much easier questions.

Vaishali Raut, examinee said despite making repetitive requests the syllabus of tests were not revealed and the authorities abstained from issuing the syllabus, which resulted in candidates getting confused.

The only help the State Council did was  for paper I, in which they timely informed of test syllabus to be from classes I to V of the state board, with no additional details provided.

Being disappointed with the already taken TET the candidates have now written to the Maharashtra State Council of Examination to demanding fora re-test along with announcing the precise syllabus based on which the TET question paper would be designed.

Dilip Sahastrabuddhe, chairman of the Maharashtra State Council of Examination, told on the matter that they have received letters from a few candidates, and made certain of no re-test to be sanctioned.Though, a consultation will be held with all the exam authorities to declare the further course of action.

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