RRB Paramedical 2019: Important General Science Questions for CBT

RRB Paramedical CBT 2019 Exam will be held from 19th July till 21st July 2019. The General Science section of Computer Based Test (CBT) is of 10 Marks and would cover basic topics from science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences. Candidates can start practicing these questions and understand the problems in detail with the help of explanations given below in the in the article:

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1. The solution of one of the following compounds will conduct electricity. This compound is:

a) CCl4

b) HCl

c) CaCl2

d) CH3Cl

Answer: c)

Explanation: CaCl2 form ionic bond and so will conduct electricity.

2. What is an ionic bond?

a) Ionic bond is formed by sharing of electrons between two atoms.

b) It is a bond formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another.

c) Both A and B are correct

d) None of the above

Answer: b)

Explanation: Ionic bond is formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another.

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3. Which of the following in biology is the energy currency of cells?

a) PDP

b) DTP

c) ATP

d) ADP

Answer: c)

Explanation: The process of releasing energy from food is called respiration. The energy is stored in the form of ATP (Adenosine tri phosphate) in the body cells which is used for various purposes like contraction of muscles, conduction of nerve impulses, synthesis of proteins and many other activities related to the functioning of cells. Therefore, ATP is known as the energy currency of cells.

4. In the stem of a plant respiration and breathing takes place through:

a) Lenticels

b) Stomata

c) Root hair

d) Air tubes

Answer: a)

Explanation: In woody stems of plants or trees have lenticels for the exchange of respiratory gases.

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5. Name the ions present in Sodium Oxide compound?

a) Sodium ions

b) Oxide ions

c) Both A and B

d) Neither A nor B

Answer: c)

Explanation: The ions present in Sodium Oxide compound are: Sodium ions and oxide ions.

6. Which animal has three-chambered heart?

a) Pigeon

b) Lizard

c) Fish

d) Lion

Answer: b)

Explanation: Lizard has three-chambered heart. Except crocodilians all the reptiles have three-chambered heart. Crocodiles have four-chambered heart. Pigeons have four-chambered heart. Fish have two-chambered heart. Lion have four-chambered heart.

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7. Which of the following are electrovalent compounds?

a) Copper sulphate

b) Calcium nitrate

c) Magnesium oxide

d) All of the above

Answer: d)

Explanation: Electrovalent compound are ionic compounds and so all the options given in the question forms ionic bond.

8. What is the electronic configuration of calcium ion (Ca2+)

a) 2,8

b) 2,8,2

c) 2,8,4

d) 2,8,8

Answer: d)

Explanation: The atomic number of calcium is 20 so its electronic configuration is 2,8,8,2 and so has 2 electrons in the outer most shell. Therefore to form calcium ion (Ca2+), calcium will lose 2 electrons and its configuration becomes 2,8,8.

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9. Name the blood vessel which carries blood back to the heart?

a) Vein

b) Artery

c) Capillaries

d) Platelet

Answer: a)

Explanation: Arteries carries blood from the heart to the body organs and veins carries blood from the body organs back to the heart.

10. Transportation of food in plants takes place through:

a) Xylem

b) Phloem

c) Companion cells

d) Tracheids

Answer: b)

Explanation: Plants have two tissues that help in transportation. Xylem transports water and solutes from the roots to the leaves while phloem transports food from the leaves to the rest of the plant.

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11. Which salt is used as a raw material for making a large number of useful chemicals in industry?

a) Sodium Chloride

b) Ammonium Hydroxide

c) Ammonium Chloride

d) Sodium Nitrate

Answer: a)

Explanation: Common Salt that is Sodium Chloride is used as a raw material for making a large number of useful chemicals in industry.

12. When the same pattern of solar eclipse repeats every 18 years 11 days 8 hours are known as:

a) Nodes cycle

b) Saros cycle

c) Saras cycle

d) Payan cycle

Answer: b)

Explanation: After one saros cycle of 18 years 11days 8 hours, the pattern of eclipses repeats.

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13. Bleaching powder is formed by treating chlorine with.......

a) Calcium Hydroxide

b) Potassium Hydrogen carbonate

c) Magnesium Hydroxide

d) None of the above

Answer: a)

Explanation: Bleaching powder is formed by treating chlorine with calcium Hydroxide.

14. After wound or cut in a body blood coagulates through:

a) WBC

b) RBC

c) Platelets

d) Plasma

Answer: c)

Explanation: After wound or cut in a body it starts to bleed. But within few seconds or minutes blood cells start to clump together and clot, preventing the further blood loss. These clots are created by a type of blood cell called platelet.

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15. Name the salt when on dissolving in water give an acidic solution?

a) Potassium Chloride

b) Ammonium Chloride

c) Sodium Carbonate

d) Sodium Acetate

Answer: b)

Explanation: Ammonium Chloride salt on dissolving in water gives an acidic solution.

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