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SBI PO 2020: Quant Section Preparation Tips for Arts Graduate

Neha Srivastava

SBI PO 2020: Candidates from various streams would be appearing for the SBI PO 2020 examination. Here we are presenting quantitative aptitude preparation tips and strategy for arts graduates.

SBI PO 2020: Quant Section Preparation Tips for Arts Graduate

    • Start with old books: This will help you since you will be able to connect to your old base of mathematics till 10th or 12th standard. The examination is mainly based on chapters from Class 10th level. Data interpretation can be practiced from basic books.
    • Know the syllabus and your SWOT Analysis is also important: Everybody is not good at everything. That is why you need to identify areas where you can score easily. Practice those questions more and more so that you become perfect in these particular topics.
    • You require more practice: This is because you are out of touch with basic math formulae. Therefore, you need to get into that comfort zone before the examination to be so that you can solve the problems confidently.
    • Sectional tests will help: Going for sectional tests will be helpful for you since you require more and more practice in the quant section. This is important since you can also calculate the time required for you to solve problems in this section. SBI PO is more about solving the problems with speed and accuracy rather than knowing everything.
    • Focus on speed and accuracy: The SBI PO exam aims to test whether you can solve maths problems with speed and accuracy. This requires solving problems mostly in your mind. This can be achieved once you are comfortable with all the topics of the syllabus.
  • Focus on data analysis and data interpretation: You will have questions on data interpretation and data analysis in SBI PO Mains examination. This means you have no respite from this and the only way to master this is to practice data interpretation questions more and more.
  • Give more time to quant: Being an Arts student, this goes without saying because you require to first get comfortable with the subject. After that go for difficult books of CAT standard such as Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Sharma. Adopting this strategy will help you score more in Quant section surely.
  • Mock tests are very helpful: You require attempting more and more mock tests before appearing in the actual examination. It applies more to you people than candidates from other disciplines.
  • Make mind maps and make notes as well: For you, the revision will play a vital role as compared to other graduates. You will stand benefitted if you make notes while going through the syllabus for the first time. Making mind maps will also help you.
  • If you are not comfortable, do not go for shortcuts: Everybody says that shortcuts are important to score well. But it is very difficult at times to remember short cuts and sometimes you make mistakes while applying these methods. So, if you can make fast calculations, you can score well even without the shortcuts. Go for the process in which you are more comfortable. Nothing is detailed or shortcut but everything is in mind. If you develop the ability to make mind calculations, you can solve problems faster than people using shortcut methods.

It is a myth that SBI PO is only for candidates who are from commerce or science backgrounds. SBI asks for any graduate and that is why an arts graduate has an equal chance as a science graduate in this examination. Yes, you need more intensive preparation may be but at the same time, you definitely need to work hard to achieve something. Otherwise, you hardly achieve something. So, start your preparation with full confidence and planning so that you can score well in the exam.

All the best!!

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