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Score more in IAS Exam with IAS Topper's Tips

Athar Imam Raza

Here, in this article, we have provided the strategy of IAS Toppers which could be beneficial for the aspirants who are going to appear in the IAS Mains Exam and also for those who have started preparation for IAS Exam 2019.

Saumya Pandey (Rank 4)

Saumya Pandey had followed the integrated approach for both IAS Prelims and IAS Mains Exam. She never ignores to study any of the papers for IAS Mains Exam. She had Geography as an Optional Subject for IAS Mains Exam. Here are the highlights of her strategy for IAS Mains Exam preparation:

Saumya Pandey Rank 4 shares Tips and Strategy for IAS Mains Exam

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She referred following study materials for IAS Mains Exam preparation:

Geography-  Physical Geography by Savindra Singh, Human Geography by Majid Hussain, Models and Theories in Geography by K Siddhartha, Indian Geography by Khullar.

Indian Heritage and Culture- Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania, CCRT Website and Art and Culture- NCERT Class 11.

World Geography: NCERTs for World Geography and Physical Geography by GC Leong.

Indian Society: Newspapers, Current Affairs Magazine and NCERT Sociology.

Constitution and Governance: Current Affairs, Newspaper, Lakshmikanth

International Relations: Newspapers (The Hindu) Make notes of International Relations topics.

Indian Economy- Economic Survey, Indian Economic Development by NCERT, Key Features of Union Budget, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh and Newspaper.

Environment and Ecology- Environment by Shankar IAS, Current Affairs, and the Internet.

Disaster Management- NCERTs and the previously referred Geography books.

Internal Security- Newspaper

Science and Technology- Newspapers and Internet.

Ethic, Integrity and Aptitude- Make your own opinion, Define terms and Previous Year Papers.

Bilal Mohi Ud Din Bhat (Rank 10)

According to Bilal, the preparation for IAS Mains Exam is a continuous process and it needs to study throughout the year. He was sure about his IAS Prelims Exam, so he just started preparing for IAS Mains Exam and covered all the four papers of IAS Mains Exam so quickly. He had Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry as an Optional subject for IAS Mains Exam. Here are some highlights of his strategy for IAS Mains Exam:

Bilal Bhat Rank 10 shares Tips and Strategy for IAS Mains Exam

He referred following study materials for IAS Mains Exam preparation:

Indian History- Modern History by Raju Ahir, Culture by GkToday.

World History- Mastering Modern World History by Norman Lowe.

Indian Society- NCERTs Class 11 and 12 Sociology, Newspaper.

Polity- Current Affairs, Newspapers, Indian Polity M Lakshmikanth and Indian Constitution by DD Basu.

Governance- Newspapers, GkToday and Magazines.

Social Schemes- Newspapers, GkToday and Internet.

Indian Economy- Newspapers and Notes provided by GkToday.

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude- No specific preparation but to be what you are. Read the definition of all the terms and get the conceptual clarity regarding all the terms.

Anuj Malik (Rank 16)

Anuj Malik has secured Rank 16 in UPSC IAS Exam 2016 in her first attempt. She did perform extremely well in IAS Mains Exam papers and her strategy will surely help the IAS aspirants who are about to appear in IAS Mains Exam. She has Psychology as an Optional paper in IAS Mains Exam. She had her own unique approach to answering questions in IAS

Mains Exam which is the most important aspect of UPSC IAS Exam. Here are some highlights of her strategy for IAS Mains Exam:

Anuj Malik Rank 16 shares Tips and Strategy for IAS Mains Exam

She referred following study materials for IAS Mains Exam preparation:

Psychology Paper- I

• Psychology: Indian Subcontinent Edition by Baron

• Psychology by Morgan and King

• Psychology by Ciccarelli

Psychology Paper II

• Internet Research

• Made notes on the recent burning Issues in last few years

Indian History- NCERTs Class 6 to Class 12th, Topic-wise Notes of Modern History

Geography- NCERTs Class 6 to 12th, Map-Based preparation, Newspaper

Indian Society- Newspaper,

Polity- Lakshmikanth,

Governance- Second ARC Report

International Relations- Newspapers, Current Affairs by any.

Social Schemes- Newspapers

Internal Security- Internet Research, Made Notes on it

Disaster Management- Crisis Report of 2nd ARC Report

Science and Technology- Just because of Science background did not follow any resources.

Indian Economy- Economic Survey, Current Affairs, Made a list of sectoral achievements and schemes.

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude- Go through the all the definition, Newspapers

Nitish Kumar Singh (Rank 23)

Nitish Kumar had History as an Optional subject is IAS Mains Exam and he had a specific strategy for the preparation of History optional papers. He also suggested referring limited sources for the preparation of History Optional Papers. While choosing optional papers, he told that the individual interest of an IAS aspirant matters the most and it will have an advantage that they can do better analysis on that subject just because of his/her individual interest.

Nitish Kumar Singh Rank 23 shares Tips and Strategy for IAS Mains Exam

He referred following study materials for IAS Mains Exam preparation:

Modern History- IGNOU study material, Modern Indian History by B. L. Grover

World history- European History by L. Mukherjee

Geography- Maps, diagram, Old NCERTs from 6 to 12 Class

Modern Geography- Old NCERT Class 11 and 12

Society- NCERTs- Current Affairs, Social Development in India, Indian Society, Constitutional Values

International Relations- News Papers, Geo-Political terms must be used in IR topics, Must start writing from Geography, Conclusion must be futuristic.

Polity- Lakshmikanth, Current Affairs

Economy- Indian Economy by- Sanjeev Verma, Sriram IAS notes class material, Economic Survey

Science and Technology- Current Affairs

Security Issues- First, go through the syllabus and topics. Read ARC on Terrorism, Related Articles from Newspapers

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude- Every term must be prepared, any material available in the market

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