CBSE Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Solutions: Chapter 9, Sequences and Series

For all the questions given in CBSE Class 11 Maths NCERT book we have collated detailed and accurate answers that will help students easily learn the concepts and technique applied in the solutions. Also the solution given here will help you write the perfect answers in the annual exams to get optimum marks.

In this article we are providing the NCERT solutions for Class 11 Maths chapter 9, Sequences and Series. Our subject experts have reviewed these NCERT solutions to provide you the error free content which will make it easy for you to make an effective preparation for the annual exams.

Main topics discussed in Class 11 Mathematics chapter- Sequences and Series are:

  • Sequences and Series  for Positive Integral Indices
  • Pascal’s Triangle
  • Sequences and Series  for any positive integer n
  • Sequences and Series  for some special cases
  • General and middle terms of a binomial expansion. 

Students may download all the NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 11 Mathematics chapter – Sequences and Series, in PDF format.

Some of the questions and their solutions from NCERT Solutions for Class 11: Sequences and Series , are as follows:

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CBSE Class 11 Mathematics NCERT Solutions: Sequences and Series

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