Should fast foods be allowed in schools

Whenever we discuss the hot topic about health of school students, the discussion revolve around consumption of fast food by students. Fast food or commonly called junk food is the most favorite meal of students of every age. They can call fast food joints by name if they are asked 'what type food do you like' or 'which is your favorite junk food?'. In broader terms, fast food can be described as a type of food that is processed and served very within minutes, for e.g. sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries, pizza, and noodles. It has been argued that fast food is not exactly as healthy as regular food. And school students are in the most crucial years of development physically as well as cognitively and it is really important to know what type of food they should consume and how it affects their health.

Here we discuss that based on the popular views should fast food be allowed to be served in schools or not.

Yes, fast food should be allowed in schools:

No, fast food should not be allowed in schools:

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