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Should you follow your boss to new workplace?

Nidhi Gupta

Following your boss to new workplace is a personal question that everyone needs to find an answer to according to their priorities and needs. But in general, you can consider the following pros and cons to decide on the matter.

Cons of following your boss:

1. Nepotism

Call it illegal, discrimination or another form of favouritism, but your association with the boss will be the only reason as to why your talent and skills will not be considered apt for performing in the tasks assigned to you. The new workplace will associated your success and achievements as a by-product of nepotism. So think before you take this plunge and let your career choices get influenced by your boss.

2. Favouritism

Your talent is a different aspect, but when you will be entrusted with a job that carries huge responsibility and accountability, your colleagues will call it favouritism. They would negate the fact that it is your capability to handle the projects and the team, but because the boss holds personal bonding with you, hence you have been entrusted with this job to prove your worth once again.

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3. Burn bridges from old organization

Many believe in the sanctity of the fact that people work for their bosses and not for their organisations. But you cannot overrule that fact that is the organisation that pays you salary and not the boss. So if the organisation has taken care of your needs, and the policies are employee friendly, then think twice before exiting. You might repent on your decision if the other organisation doesn’t offers employee friendly perks and benefits.  

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4. Talent Poaching

This is yet another demerit of following your boss. Any organisation invests a huge cost in recruiting a team of skilled professionals. When you exit just because your boss is leaving, it appears that the team is being poached for working on the similar task in another organisation. On a brighter side, you will get a fair raise in salary and perks, but on the flip side, you might be looked upon a being disloyal to the organisation too.

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Pros of following your boss

5. Familiar working style of your Boss

Working with a person with whom you have been in various projects, during the ups and downs, during the pressing deadlines, will not seem challenging because you both are accustomed to each other’s working styles.

6. Comfort-zone and understanding

Seldom people get the opportunity to choose their boss, and when you get this golden opportunity, make use of it wisely. Working with the same boss or manager would keep you in the comfort-zone. Moreover, you will not have to deal with tussles at the personal level. The rapport you share with your previous boss will help you settle down better in the new profile and workplace.

7. New Opportunities

Another lucrative benefit of following your boss is that you will get access to new opportunities at the new workplace. He will make sure that you join him/her in the new place because he doesn’t need to test your skills and knowledge. You are already a fit candidate for the job and that is why you took the opportunity to follow your boss.

8. Support in challenging times

Your previous boss is your new boss. You both will have a bonding at personal level as well that made him realise your worth to pick and choose you and take you along in the new organisation as well. So when you will have a challenge to balance your personal and professional life, while both will be equally demanding, he will support you in a better way because he/she won’t doubt your integrity in the first place. The personal bonding and years of experience with you would play a vital role when you would need support.

It is very crucial to consider these pros and cons before you take the final decision. Such a career moves comes with its own set of challenges which you will have to face on your own. Your boss will undoubtedly play a role when you will be in dilemma or trouble, but the final calls remains with you only. Be wise because it’s your career!

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