JEE: Study Notes and Important Questions – Simple Harmonic Motion

As the competition is increasing day by day, all students want to get into Top Colleges through JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Once you have study all the chapters thoroughly and understood it well there is no need to study it again and again. Students should concentrate only on the chapter notes or study notes when exams are round the corner. It will help them to save their precious time and cover maximum syllabus in minimum time. In this article, experienced subject experts bring study notes or revision notes of Simple Harmonic Motion including all important concepts, formulae and previous years’ solved questions. About 2-3 questions are being asked from this chapter.

Students can study the following topics here:

  • Simple harmonic motion,
  • Acceleration in simple harmonic motion,
  • Velocity in simple harmonic motion,
  • Kinetic energy in simple harmonic motion and
  • Potential energy in simple harmonic motion

The concept given in this article is in concise form and can be used for revision before the examination.

Important Concepts:

Some previous years' solved questions are given below:

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