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Skills Important To Become A Good Radio Jockey

Balwant Tripathi

Are you a person of an extrovert, outspoken, and talkative attitude and don't want to go in the profession where you'll need to suppress and eliminate your basic nature and habits?  If it's so then Jockeying for Radio will certainly suit your mood and tendency. Here, Come across the suggestions we made here to become a good radio jockey.

Though the arrival of the Television and internet had affected the popularity and growth of this profession, but the FM radio of private channels rejuvenated the almost decayed profession. It, once again, emerged as one of best offbeat career opportunity for those who are passionate about music and ready face challenges for an exciting, promising, and challenging dream job. A radio jockey anchors music programs, talk shows, and others. He/she conveys messages in so attractive forms that it couldn't be possible for audiences to turn their focus of attention from the programs. He often conducts interviews of guests and audience while keeping the entire course of the interview and talk alive and entertaining. Before signing off, He/she Informs about weather, traffic and music so that one could take the opportunity of the information if there is any. The way of communicating messages, genre, and style are the basic features which disguise one Radio Jockey from another and makes a Radio Jockey identifiable with mere a voice.

All the radio channels employ Radio Jockeys. But, FM channels is, usually, employ most of the Radio Jockeys. It has come across many changes since its inception. After passing due course of time, the content, style, expression, and delivery has developed. The industry is becoming larger and more job producing place with the opening of more channels in the cities across the globe.

Don’t want to suppress and eliminate your most favourite habit of talking and want to earn livelihood with your outspoken, talkative, and extrovert attitude. Here,re the suggestions will certainly guide you all along.

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Good Sense Of Humour Is A Key Skill To Become A Radio Jockey

As a radio listener, no one would want to listen to a Radio Jockey who is anchoring the entire show in the serious, lengthy, heavy, and almost same genre. People would expect some humor which can raise the interest of listening to the programs, show, and interview. A sizable portion of the population listens to the radio in both rural and urban areas of the country. A RJ becomes vulnerable to hit by the lose of its audiences if he/she doesn't add some humour to relink the audience with the show.

Must Possess Knowledge And Keep Yourself Aware

what would happen if you aren't aware of the current political scenario of the country and have, unintentionally, catered wrong information? A misinformed person will certainly meet a lose, either in terms of losing credibility or in term suffering exploitation of misinformation. This certainly raises a question over the credibility of the source of the information which subsequently leads to huge loss of audience. Therefore, knowledge and awareness are vital, significant, incontrovertible, and crucial things for a Radio Jockey.  He should be updated with information, current affairs, and the general awareness.

Don't Fumble, Speak Fluently And Effectively

How would a listener react to a RJ who is anchoring in an awkward and careless way? Definitely, he/she will turn off the radio. Being a Radio Jockey, one must be clear and fluent in speaking if he/she doesn't want loss his/her audience. One should practice on how to speak clearly and effectively.

Command Over Languages, Regional Dialects Makes A RJ More Impactful   

What would happen if you're anchoring a show for any city of Uttar Pradesh without knowing the Awadhi-the regional dialect of Awadh Belt? You'll definitely fail to connect with people of the city and would, intentionally and unknowingly, make major lapses during communication your programs. This'll make your representation impactless. Therefore, an RJ can't gain popularity if he/she doesn't have command over the languages, regional dialects.

Make Rigorous Efforts On Modulation Of Voice

Think Of a Radio Jockey which anchors the entire show in almost same pitch and volume and doesn't modulate his/her voice. What happens next is that he intentionally creates monotony which bores the audience. So, if you want to become a good RJ, you'll need practice on modulation of voice. This'll bring flexibility to your voice and will make your voice adjustable in any situation, happening, and circumtances.


With the opening of different regional, national, and international radio stations, radio channel industry is booming these days. And has become one of the most job producing industry. It’s one of the best career option for those who don’t want suppress their talkative, extrovert, and outspoken attitude for occupation. As a Radio Jockey, one possesses series of skills which he/she sharpens during the due course of time. The suggestion discussed here will certainly you If you, too, want to become a RJ.

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