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Soft Skills: A Must for Professional Success

Jagran Josh

Skilled professionals are hard to find these days. Although it’s important to be competent in one’s area of expertise, it is not enough to simply have functional knowledge. Unless you have soft skills, professional competence along cannot take you very far in your career. Management schools realize this fact and therefore lay a lot of emphasis on developing soft skills in young managers.

After successfully cracking an interview, a person was hired as an HR manager in an organization. Everyone within the organization was very impressed with the manager’s professional skills. Thanks to the 5 years of work experience, he had managed to hone his professional skills quite well. In addition to this, he was also technically sound, which helped him crack the interview and get the job.

Despite all these factors favouring him, soon, he soon found himself at the receiving end of a series of complaints.  Regardless of his working with the HR Department, his behaviour towards the employees was not acceptable. If any employee approached him for any information or for any other help, he would often be rude and irritated. On getting repeated complaints, the company warned the manager to improve his behaviour with employees. But, as he didn’t have good soft-skills, he couldn’t change his behaviour. Consequently, the company decided not to renew their contact with him.

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In the competitive times that we live in, soft-skills play an equally important role as professional skills in our success as a professional. If you do not possess good Soft Skills, you will not be able to establish yourself as a professional. In fact, today companies rate soft skills as a far more important quality in employees than professional skills.  Therefore, make sure that you give them due importance in your Resume.

Let’s look at some of the key soft skills.

Communication skills

As a professional, you must possess effective communication skills. Whether you are among your colleagues or seniors or having an online communication over chat or Email, it is important that you communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly. In addition, you must also be capable of handling any questions and answering them assertively yet respectfully. Similarly, your communication skills will play a pivotal role in forming a good impression during a job interview.

Appear Active & Confident

Active body language is a reflection of your working style as a professional which is why you need to appear sharp and agile. The fact pace at which the world is changing requires that you also keep pace with the times—this agility will reflect in your body language

Understand the Importance of Time

The Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan is famous for his professionalism and discipline. Despite his tremendous success, he still reaches for this appointments/film shoots well ahead of time which has earned him the respect that he commands in the film fraternity. If you are not respectful of time in our workplace then you are likely to get left behind no matter what reasons you may have to justify your lax attitude towards time management. Time is a limited resource and all professionals realize this fact and therefore respect other’s time and thereby earn their respect.

Your Clothes can communicate

Your clothes can communicate a thousand words, especially when it comes to your professional attitude and lifestyle. Your dressing sense can exhibit your lifestyle i.e. whether you lead an active professional life or a lethargic one. If you wear non-formal, lose clothes, you come across as unprofessional and lethargic. Therefore, you must pick your office clothes very carefully. They must be decorous, snappy and sober, and at the same time exude elegance and grace. You can surely wear fashionable clothes, but make sure that they are aligned with the office dressing etiquettes.

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