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Solved Management Aptitude Test (MAT) 2006 Paper

Jagran Josh

AIMA is all set to conduct its fourth MAT of the year in February 2013. Previous year paper is the best source to know about the real level of questions asked in the entrance exam. has brought the solved 2006 MAT Question paper. It consists of 200 questions. Practice well to succeed in the exam.

1. An application was received by inward clerk in the afternoon of a week day. Next day, he forwarded it to the table of the senior clerk, who was on leave that day. The senior clerk put up the application to the desk officer next day in the evening. The desk officer studied the application and disposed off the matter on the same day, ie Friday. The application was received by the inward clerk on
1) Monday
2) Wednesday
3) Tuesday
4) Previous week's Saturday

Answer: 2

2. In a queue of children, Kashish is fifth from the left and Mona is sixth from the right. When they interchange their places among themselves, Kashish becomes thirteenth from the left. Then, what will be Mona's position from the right?
1) 4th
2) 14th
3) 8th
4) 15th

Answer: 2

3. If the numbers from 1 to 45 which are exactly divisible by 3 are arranged in ascending order, minimum number being on the top, then which number would come at the ninth place from the top?
1) 18
2) 24
3) 21
4) 27

Answer: 4

4. Which letter should be the ninth letter to the left of the ninth letter from the right, if the first half of the alphabets of English are reversed?
1) D
2) F
3) E
4) I

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Answer: 3
5. In a family, a couple has a son and a daughter. The age of the father is three times that of his daughter and the age of the son is half of his mother. The wife is 9 years younger to her husband and the brother is seven years older to his sister. What is the age of the mother?
1) 40 years
2) 50 years
3) 45 years
4) 60 year

Answer: 4
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