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Solved MAT 2002 Question Paper: Language Comprehension

Jagran Josh

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is set to be conducted in both online and paper based format on 2 and 8 February respectively. Language Comprehension is a section which helps in scoring well in the exam. Students should constantly work on improving it. Find here the Solved Language Comprehension section question paper from MAT 2002. It has 40 questions on Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Sentence Correction, Fill in the Blanks etc.

Directions for question 11 to 13: Choose the word that does NOT match with the two given words.

11. Wonderful, Fabulous
1) Superb
2) Superlative
3) Great
4) Splendid

Answer: 3

12. Inordinate, Huge
1) Excessive
2) Considerable
3) Insatiable
4) Enormous

Answer: 3

13. Laconic, Succinct
1) Terse
2) Brief
3) Concise
4) Abrupt

Answer: 4

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