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Solved MAT 2002 Question Paper: Mathematical Skills

Jagran Josh

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is set to be conducted in both online and paper based format on 2 and 8 February respectively. Mathematical Skills is a tough section and thus requires conceptual clarity and lot of practice. Find here the Solved Mathematical Skills section question paper from MAT 2002. It has 40 questions on Logarithm, Trigonometry, Ration and Proportion, Time and Distance, Arithmetic Mean etc.

1. In a group of 15 women, 7 have nose studs, 8 have ear rings and 3 have neither. How many of these have both nose studs and ear rings?
1) 0
2) 2
3) 3
4) 7

Answer: 3

2. Shatabadi Express has a capacity of 500 seats of which 10% are in the Executive Class and the rest being Chair Cars. During one journey, the train was booked to 85% of its capacity. If Executive Class was booked to 96% of its capacity, then how many Chair Car seats were empty during that journey?
1) 75
2) 73
3) 71
4) None of these

Answer: 2

3. A person pays Rs. 975 in monthly instalments, each monthly instalment being less than the former by Rs. 5. The amount of the first instalment is Rs. 100. In what time, will the entire amount be paid?
1) 12 months
2) 26 months
3) 15 months
4) 18 months

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Answer: 3

4. p% of a number P is q% more than r% of the number R. If the difference between P and R is r% of R and if the sum of P and R is 210, then which of the following statements is always true?
1) P = 110; R = 100
2) P = 220; R = 200
3) P = 3300; R = 3000
4) All of the above

Answer: 1

5. A vessel is fully filled with a special liquid. Four litres of liquid is drawn out of this vessel and is replaced with water. If the ratio of the special liquid to the water becomes 1 : 2, then what is the capacity of the vessel?
1) 8 litres
2) 10 litres
3) 12 litres
4) 14 litres

Answer: 3

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