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Solved MAT 2003 Question Paper: Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

Jagran Josh

AIMA is all set to conduct its first MAT of the year in February 2013. Previous year papers are the best source to know about the real level of questions asked in the entrance exam. has brought the solved Intelligence and Critical Reasoning section from 2003 MAT Question paper. It consists of 40 questions of easy to medium difficulty level. Practice well to succeed in the exam.

Directions for question 1 to 3: Answer these questions based on the Following information.
A team of experts for conducting interviews consists of seven experts Bhushan, Cyriac, Pramila, Ram, Suresh, Shekhar and Unni. Of these Bhushan, Cyriac and Pramila are experts in Social Sciences while Suresh and Unni are experts in Basic Sciences. Ram and Shekhar had exposure in both basic sciences and social sciences. Three panels have to be formed for the interview with a restriction that a panel should have representation from experts with social sciences and basic sciences back ground. Moreover, at least one member should be an expert of only one area.

1. If Cyriac does not like to be a member of panel with Ram, and Unni was in a panel with Shekhar, then the expert who did not participate in the
1) Pramila
2) Cyriac
3) Bhushan
4) Any of these

Answer: 4

2. If Pramila did not participate in the interview, then who was the person most likely to be with Unni?
1) Suresh
2) Bhushan
3) Pramila
4) Any of these

Answer: 2

3. Unni does not like to be with Shekhar; Ram does not like to be with Pramila and Bhushan had Suresh as the partner. If both Ram and Pramila attended the interview, then who was the partner to Cyriac?
1) Cyriac did not attend the interview
2) Shekhar
3) Pramila
4) Unni

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Answer: 1

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