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Solved MAT 2003 Question Paper: Language Comprehension

Jagran Josh

AIMA is all set to conduct its first MAT of the year in February 2013. Previous year papers are the best source to know about the real level of questions asked in the entrance exam. has brought the solved Language Comprehension section from 2003 MAT Question paper. It consists of 40 questions of easy to medium difficulty level. Practice well to succeed in the exam.

Directions for question 14 to 18:
In these questions, each word in capital letters is followed by four words or phrases. Choose the one which is similar in meaning to the word given in capital letters.

1) Soliders holiday
2) Wild growth
3) Wooden plough
4) Till

Answer: 1

1) Prude
2) Wasteful
3) Meticulous
4) Timid

Answer: 3

1) Verve
2) Eulogy
3) Doggerel
4) Force

Answer: 2

1) Irritable
2) Harsh
3) Sinful
4) Unpopular

Answer: 1

1) Terse
2) Mournful
3) Indecent
4) Lecherous

Answer: 2

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