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Solved MAT 2003 Question Paper: Mathematical Skills

Jagran Josh

AIMA is all set to conduct its first MAT of the year in February 2013. Previous year papers are the best source to know about the real level of questions asked in the entrance exam. has brought the solved Mathematical Skills section from 2003 MAT Question paper. It consists of 40 questions of easy to medium difficulty level. Practice well to succeed in the exam.

1. The sum of the 6th and 15th elements of an arithmetic progression is equal to the sum of 7th, 10th and 12th elements of the same progression. Which element of the series should necessarily be equal to zero?
1) 10th
2) 8th
3) 1st
4) None of these

Answer: 2

2. Mr. X's salary is increased by 20%. On the increase, the tax rate is 10% higher. The percentage increase in tax liability is
1) 20
2) 22
3) 23
4) Indeterminate

Answer: 4

3. Rohit, Harsha and Sanjeev are three typists who, working simultaneously, can type 216 pages in four hours. In one hour, Sanjeev can type as many pages more than Harshs as Harsha can type more than Rohit. During a period of five hours, Sanjeev can type as many pages as Rohit can during seven hours How many pages does each of them type pei hour?
1) 16, 18, 22
2) 14, 17, 20
3) 15, 17, 22
4) 15, 18, 21

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Answer: 4

4. A box of light bulbs contains 24 bulbs. A worker replaces 17 bulbs in the shipping department and 13 bulbs in the accounting department. How many boxes of bulbs did the worker use?
1) 1
2) 1(1/4)
3) 1(3/4)
4) 2

Answer: 2

5. If there are 3 different roads from Delhi to Mumbai and 4 different roads from Mumbai to Chennai, then how many roads are there from Delhi to Chennai that go through Mumbai?
1) 9
2) 12
3) 16
4) 4

Answer: 2

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