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Solved MAT February 2011 Question Paper: Data Analysis & Sufficiency

Jagran Josh

Management Aptitude Test is regarded as one of the easiest MBA Entrance Examinations and it tests your accuracy and speed in solving the questions. The best way to be accurate while you solve the questions is practice before hand with as many question papers as possible. Find here the solved Data Analysis & Sufficiency section from MAT February 2011 Question paper. It has 40 questions in total.

Directions (Qs. 11 to 15): Study the information below to answer the questions that follow.
In Year I it was projected that by Year 26 Asia's population would increase by 28%. In the same Year I, the population of country M in Asia was found to be 200 million and growing at an annual rate of 0.66 percent. The country M population was projected to grow until Year 26 when it would reach 260 million. In Year I, the country M census board found that people under 18 years of age made up 1/5th of the population. They also found that people of country M having 70 or more years of age represented 1/10th of the population. Further, it was found that 75.5% of the population of country M lived in cities and the most populous cities were P and R. These trends are likely to continue to a stage when 20% of the population is expected to be residing in the two cities.

11. How many people of country M did the census board find lived in locations other than cities?
(1) 40.9 million
(2) 29.0 million
(3) 48.0 million
(4) 4.9 million

Answer: 4

12. How many people of country M in Year I are of 85 years or more if they are 1/4 of the population having 70 or more years of age?
(1) 5 crore
(2) 5 lakh
(3) 5 million
(4) 50 million

Answer: 3

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