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Solved MAT September 2011: Data Analysis & Sufficiency Paper

Jagran Josh

Management Aptitude test is conducted by AIMA four times in a year. Next MAT is scheduled for the month of December. Find the complete section on Data Analysis and Sufficiency from September 2011 MAT here. It consists of 40 questions on the section.

Direction (Qs. 1 to 5):  Two quantities are given as A and B. Compare the two quantities and mark answer as–

(1) If quantities A & B are equal.
(2) If quantities B is greater than quantity A.
(3) If quantity A is greater than quantity B.
(4) If comparison cannot be made.

1. The Spartans played a total of 48 games and has a win to lass ratio of 7 to 5, and no game ended in a tie.

     A. Number of wins
     B. 28

Answer:  A

2. Suresh swims laps 50% faster than Rajesh.

    A. Number of laps Rajesh swim in 80 minutes
    B. Number of laps Suresh swim in 60 minutes

Answer: B

3. The prom committee orders an arch for the entrance to the dance floor. The arch follows the equation y = 2x – 0.1x^2, where y is the height of the arch, in feet.

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    A. Maximum arch height
    B. 10 feet

Answer: B

4. Two cars leave the same city traveling in opposite directions. Car A is travelling at 60 miles per hour and car B is travelling at 55 miles per hour.

    A. The time it takes for the cars to be 460 miles apart
    B. 4 h

Answer: A

5. The sum of two consecutive integers is 83.

    A. 23 less than three times the smaller integer
    B. 16 more than two times the greater integer

Answer: A

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