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Solved Mathematical Skills Question Paper: MAT September 2011

Jagran Josh

All India Management Association (AIMA) conducts Management Aptitude Test (MAT) four times in a year. September 2011 MAT was conducted on 4th and 10th September 2011. AIMA will be conducting MAT Exams in the month of September and January in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Practice with Solved Mathematical Skills September 2011 paper.

1. In a football championship, 153 matches were played. Every two teams played one match with each other. The number of teams, participating in the championship were

(1) 18

(2) 14

(3) 16

(4) 22

Answer: 1

2. Two men undertake to do a piece of work for Rs. 600. One alone could do it in 6 days and the other in 8 days. With the assistance of a boy they finished it in 3 days. Boy's share should be

(1) Rs.75

(2) Rs.225

(3) Rs.300

(4) Rs. 100

Answer: 1

3. A wire of length 60 m is used to enclose a field which is in the shape of a right-angled triangle. The area of the field is 150 m2, Then the largest side of the field has a length of

(1) 30 m

(2) 20 m

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(3) 25 m

(4) 15 m

Answer: 3

Solved Mathematical Skills Question Paper: MAT September 2011

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