SSC CAPF Sub-Inspectors Exam Question Paper 2012: Quantitative Aptitude

Staff Selection Commission conducted exam for appointing eligible candidates to the post of Sub-Inspectors in the Central Armed Police Forces on 27 May 2012. The exam paper contains total 200 question that were further divided into four sections with 50 questions each. The four sections of the exam are Quantitative Aptitude , English Comprehension, General Intelligence and Reasoning, and General Knowledge and General Awareness. The written examination paper was of Objective Multiple Choice Type., popular education website, provides a wide range of study material, question paper, practice paper and much more to assist students in their respective examination. The study material on different subjects and for various examinations are available on our website. Experts are all-time available to help you.

Direction: Choose the appropriate answer from the multiple answers.

1. Ira tort. there was sufficient food for 200 soldiers food for 31 days. After 27 days 120 soldiers left the fort. For how many extra days will the rest of the food last for the remaining soldiers?

(A) 4 days

(B) 12days

(C) 10 days

(D) 6 days

2. Equal amount. of water were poured into two empty jars of different capacities, which made
one par 1/4 full and the other jar 1/3 full. If the water in the jar with lesser capacity is then poured into the larger jar filled with water is -


(B) 1/3

(C) 1/2

(D) 7/12

3. A bookseller makes 8 % profit after selling the book at 10% discount. The ratio of the cost price to the marked prices is --

(A) 5: 6

(B) 6.:5

(C) 4:5

(D)  5:4

4 . A certain sum of money is distributed to A and B in the ratio 2: 5. A received Rs 100, then the money received by B is –

(A) Rs 250

(B) Rs 300

(C) Rs 200

(D) Rs 150

5. Large year my age was a perfect square number. Next year it will be a cubic number. What is my percent age?

(A) 26 years

(B) 24 years

(C) 25 years

(D) 27 years

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