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SSC CGL 2019-20 General Awareness (GA) & General Knowledge (GK): Detailed Topicwise Syllabus

Archana Shandilya

As per the latest notification, SSC will conduct Tier - I CGL Exam from 2nd March to 11th March 2020 and Tier-II CGL Exam from 22nd June 2020 to 25th June 2020 in online mode. To clear the exam you need to identify those sections where you can attempt the maximum number of accurate questions and score the highest marks.

General Awareness (GA) & General Knowledge (GK) Section is considered to be one of the high scoring sections of the SSC CGL Exam. It aims at testing the candidates’ general awareness and knowledge of current affairs occurring around the world and in India. With good preparation and practice, you can attempt more questions in less time and score good marks in GA and GK Section. Chances of getting negative marks are also quite meager in this section.

Let’s look at the exam pattern of SSC CGL Tier-I for General Awareness (GA) and General Knowledge (GK) Section in detail.

Exam Pattern of General Awareness (GA) & General Knowledge (GK) Section

Before starting the preparation, it is imperative to study the exam pattern first. The section constitutes 25% of the total score in the Tier-I Examination. So, let’s look at the exam pattern of General Awareness (GA) and General Knowledge (GK) Section in SSC CGL 2019-20 Tier-I Exam:

In SSC CGL Tier-I Exam, GA and GK section consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and each question carries 2 marks. In this exam, 0.50 marks are deducted as penalty for each wrong answer.

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Topic-wise Syllabus of GA and GK Section

After going through the exam pattern, the next step is to understand the topic-wise syllabus of GA and GK Section. Below are the major topics covered in the SSC CGL Tier-I exam under the General Awareness Section:




No. Of Questions asked

Static Gk


Facts about Harappa Civilization


Vedic culture

Name of the Kings who built important ancient Temples and Institutions like Nalanda

Chronology of Medieval India and their important systems

India’s freedom movement and their leaders


India and its neighbouring countries

Famous Seaport and Airport and their location

Important institution of world and India and their locations like BRICS, World Bank, IMF, and RBI, etc


Terminology of Budget (like National Income, GDP, Fiscal Deficit and many more)

Five Year Plan and its importance

Famous persons in the economy

Institutions and their importance like RBI, SEBI, etc


Supreme Court

Meaning of Write

Election of President and his functions

Important constitution bodies like CAG

Facts about parliament

Fundamental Duties

Governor and his functions

State legislature

Major Constitutional amendments and their importance

Official Language

Emergency Provisions

National political parties and their symbols

General Science


Important Inventions and their inventor


Important and Interesting facts about human body parts

Nutrition in Animals and Plants

Diseases and their causes like Bacteria

Viruses and Protozoa

Last four chapter of NCERT of Class 12th for environment


Chemical Properties of Substance and their uses

SI units

Chemical Name of Important substances like Plaster of Paris, etc.

Chemical Change and Physical Change

Properties of Gases

Surface Chemistry

Chemistry in Everyday life


Important inventions and their inventor

S.I. units







Current Affairs

Recent Developments





Finance and Banking sector

International Events



Population Census


Important Books and their writers

First sports achievement for India and the world like first Olympic, first Asian Game, etc.

State Animals and Symbols

Awards and their importance

Name of the Scientist who got Noble prize for important discoveries

Important Days


Development of computers

Input and output devices




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Let’s analyse the Topic-wise Weightage of the questions from different categories of GA and GK Section:

From the above pie-chart, it can be analysed that General Science and Static Gk covers the major portion of the GA section SSC CGL Tier-I Exam. Let’s look in detail the topics covered under different heads of GA and GK Section.

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How to prepare and score high in GA and GK - SSC CGL Exam 2019-20?

So, let’s look at some ways through which you will be able to ace the GA and GK Section of SSC CGL 2019-20 Exam.

Science Polity History Geography Economy Miscellaneous

Know the top 5 Daily Routine Practices for cracking SSC CGL 2019-20 Exam

Things to keep in mind while preparing for General Awareness and General Knowledge - SSC CGL 2019-20 Exam

Let’s now look at the ways to ace and score high in all the four sections of SSC CGL Tier-I Exam:

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The plus point of the General Awareness section is that you don’t have to indulge in any calculation work. All you have to do is make yourself acquainted with Static GK and update your current affairs knowledge on a regular basis. Another plus point is that it is the least time-consuming section. You can attempt questions from this section quickly & accurately with the help of proper strategy and systematic preparation plan.

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