SSC CGL (Tier-I) Exam: General Awareness: Geography and Science - Free Online Test (Set-1)

Staff Selection Commission holds Combined Graduate Level Exam (CGL EXAM) for the recruitment to the different Group ‘B’ and Group ‘C’ posts. Here, we provide Free Online Practice Set ON General Awareness: Economics to make the ease of students in cracking economics questions in exam. The preparation of geography and science involves continuous revision of the important concepts, facts, problems that you would have marked during book reading.   For this, the candidates should make notes for important discoveries, life processes, Cells, Environment, Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Nutrition, Atmosphere, Climate, Soil, Land and Resources. Thorough revision of all the topics will make the candidates more confident. Here, we provide Free Online Practice Set on General Awareness: Geography and Science to make the ease of students in cracking questions in exam.

1. River Mekong pass through which of the following country?

a) China, Malaysia, Thailand

b) China and Malaysia

c) Thailand and Malaysia

d) China, Cambodia and Thailand

Ans: d

2. Which of the following nation is the largest tea producing nation?

a) India

b) China

c) Sri Lanka

d) Brazil

Ans: b

3. The temperature in the troposphere layer decreases at the rate of 1° C for every

a) 165m of height

b) 170 m of height

c) 1000 m of height

d) 100 m of height

Ans: a

4. The extra-tropical cyclones can originate over

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a) Land only

b) Sea only

c) Land and Sea both

d) None

Ans: c

5. The Kiel Canal connects

a) North Sea to Batlic Sea

b) Superior to Huron

c) Caspian Sea and the Sea of Azov

d) Caspian Sea to Baltic Sea

Ans: a

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