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SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam: Reasoning- Concept & Sample Questions-Analogy

Jagran Josh

Staff Selection Commission will organize Combined Graduate Level Exam in due course of time.

The SSC team of has come up with concept and sample questions for Analogy. The concept provided by us will help you to understand the topic. The sample questions offered by us are framed by keeping in view need of the question paper.

Analogy is considered as an important section of Reasoning because it is the section through which examiners test the candidate's ability to compare and establish proper relationship among the given items on the basis of certain commonality in case of question on Non-Verbal Analogy, it is very easy to recognise the common features between the given figures owing to certain limitations. Figures may have similar movement, rotation, orientation, shape, size etc. and if you are able to observe these features you can select appropriate answer quickly. But in case of questions on Verbal Analogy it is not possible to delimit the types of relationship which might exist between the given items. Apart from common types of relationship sometimes unusual type of relationship is provided in the question. Therefore the chapter on Analogy is aimed not only at testing your reasoning ability but overall knowledge, IQ, as well as the power of decision making.

Directions (1-3): Find the related word/letters/number to complete the analogy.

1. House : Rent : : Capital : ?

(a) Interest

(b) Investment

(c) Country

(d) Money






3. 18 : 30 : : 36: ?

(a) 64

(b) 66

(c) 54

(d) 62


1. (a) House is lented on rent. Similarly, capital earns interest.

2. (c) Two adjacent letters are interchanged.




3. (b) 18 X 2 = 6 and 36 – 6 = 30


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36 X 2 = 72 and 72 – 6 = 66

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