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SSC Combined Graduate Level (Tier 1) Exam 2013: Tips & Strategies for Reasoning

Jagran Josh

The segment- Reasoning is associated with logical thinking. In all the competitive examination Reasoning questions usually fall under specific question types like Logical Sequence of words, Blood relation test, seating arrangements, Directions etc. There are certain key points that aspirants should always keep in mind while solving the questions from reasoning segment. The tips and strategies provided by us are useful for the candidates appearing for Combined Graduate Level Examination 2013. highlights the points to remember:

• Read the question carefully. If a question is time taking or doubtful then it is advisable that the candidates move on to the next question. Candidates can come back to the tricky and time taking question later once they are done with the

• Every question has 4 choices and if an aspirant is in doubt then he/she must eliminate two unsuitable ones and of the remaining 2 select the best one.

• Aspirants should always remember the synonymous and antonyms of some famous words for the better performance in the Analogy part of verbal reasoning.

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• Before solving the questions related to alphabet, the candidate must first write the complete alphabet A to Z on rough page and then try to find out the best alternative according to the question.

• Every question based on series completion is different from each other. Try and practice these type of questions from the previous year’s  papers or for more practice you can login our website

• It is advisable that the candidates first attempt the questions from Coding –Decoding segment, because these questions are very scoring

• Remember all the blood relations, and try to solve these questions with the help of pictures.

• Candidates should know the mathematical symbols like ‘<’ less than, ‘>’ greater than , ‘:’ Sign of ratio etc by heart.

• To solve the questions related to Venn Diagrams the aspirant should also be aware about the concept of union, intersection etc.

Be focused and confident while solving every question from any segment and always remember Success is 80% attitude and 20% aptitude. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

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