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Staff Selection Commission is ready to organize the SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2013 for appointing eligible candidates to the various posts in the commission. SSC CHSE 2013 is planned to be conducted on 10 November 2013 and 24 November 2013. The written examination comprises of 4 different sections that are General Awareness, English Language, General Intelligence, and Quantitative Aptitude.

The General Intelligence Section of SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2013 contain 50 questions from topics like Classification, Analogy, Direction Sense, Blood Relation Coding Decoding, etc. Here, Jagranjosh provides study material on every topic to clear doubts of the aspirants so that they can prepare well for the upcoming SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam 2013.



‘Classification’ means to list the items of a given group on the basis of certain quality and then choose the stranger out. It is one of the important chapters of General Mental Ability Segment of Reasoning. In these types of Questions the candidate is required to choose one item which does not fit into the group of similar items.
Directions (1-4): In each of the following questions, select the one which is different from the other three responses. (From SSC Higher Secondary Level Exam 2012)

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1. (1) steering wheel
    (2) engine
    (3) car
    (4) tyre

2.  (1) 325
     (2) 360
     (3) 230
     (4) 256

3.  (1) NLM
     (2) YXZ
     (3) NMO
     (4) RQS

4. (1) Uranus
    (2) pluto
    (3) Jupiter
    (4) sun


1. (3) Steering wheel, engine and tyre, all are parts of a car.

2. (4) The number 256 is a perfect square.
          256 = 162
3.  (1) 

 4.  (4) Sun is a star while Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter are Planets

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