JEE: Chapter Notes and Important Questions of Straight Lines

In JEE Main and JEE Advanced, the chapter Straight Lines plays an important role. About 2-3 questions are always asked from this chapter in the examination. To help JEE aspirants, the subject experts of Mathematics bring to you the chapter notes of Straight Lines including important concepts, formulae and some previous year solved questions. These notes contain all important topics related to Straight Lines like

  • Distance between two points,
  • Coordinates of the point divide any line segment,
  • Area of triangle,
  • Inclination of line,
  • Angle between two lines,
  • Equation of horizontal line,
  • Equation of vertical line,
  • Point-slope form of a line,
  • Two-point form of a line,
  • Slope-intercept form of a line,
  • Normal form of a line,
  • Distance of a point from a line and
  • Perpendicular distance between two lines

The concept given in this article is in concise form and can be used for revision before the examination. Some questions are given in the article which have been asked in the previous year engineering entrance exams.

Important Concepts:

Some previous year solved questions are given below:

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