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5 Psychological Tips to improve concentration while studying

Anjum Khan

Concentration is the key to keep a long-lasting memory of whatever is learned! For students, concentration helps in improving their academic performance effectively. It requires them to focus and take control of their thoughts. It trains students’ mind and improves their learning experience. The concept is easy which requires students to pay attention to one subject at a time and not get diverted by other things while studying. If their mind diverts frequently and also their thoughts are not at one place, it will not be easy for students to understand the concepts while learning. When students are questioned for scoring poorly in exams, the common reason found out is that they are not able to concentrate while studying. It is not uncommon as the toppers and the average scorers, feel the same problem of not being able to obtain the desired outcome even after spending hours on studying. The problem is things like exam stress, fear of bad results or getting distracted by various things affects students’ concentration power.

What happens when students do not concentrate on their studies?

Concentration is not just required while studying but also while doing extracurricular activities otherwise –


Psychological tips to improve Concentration while studying –

1. Understand first to practice concentration: Students need to understand that concentration is required so that they can learn effectively. It is not a method that can be mastered overnight rather they need to practise it daily for achieving desired results. Therefore, to improve concentration, students should practise it on regular basis. Also, they can do activities like reading, writing, playing enrichment games etc. that will help them in focusing on a task a time.

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2. Commit yourself to the task: When starting any task estimate the required time and efforts to complete it. Be determined that you complete the task within the specified time. For implementing this, plan and schedule your daily activities in a correct manner. And do not let anything break your schedule.

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3. Stop procrastination: For effectively improving concentration, students should complete the task within the specified time and not leave it for doing it later. Delaying tasks or making excuses to not do the required work will only make you stressful. You will be getting thoughts of the unfinished task and even would not be able to enjoy other activities. For example, you have to do homework, but you preferred to engage in social media activities instead of completing the homework and then later you will be feeling a burden of not completing the homework as the time passes. Therefore, you need to stop delaying your work to be able to focus on other activities too.

4. Change your environment: Sometimes, it happens that students want to study but their atmosphere is not suitable for their studies. Therefore, they should choose an environment where they can study peacefully without getting disturbed by noises or people.

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5. Practice meditation and physical exercise: To improve focus and to control thoughts, students need to practice meditational activities so that they can get clear thoughts and ideas. Also, they should do physical exercises so that their mind and body are in the same tune.

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