How to maintain work life balance in 2018

Most of the professionals wear anxiety on face but continue to live somewhere in a careless manner when they think about their job responsibilities. While the fulfilling job responsibilities are essential for the survival in the industry, it isn’t everything- and no one should take it in that way. In the modern corporate world, it has become more important for every working professional to maintain work-life balance. For productivity, everyone require time to think, relax and take a break from the daily work. Without taking breaks, no one can imagine to stay productive at work. But in the days especially when 24*7-work-format is increasingly gaining popularity in the modern corporate world, is it possible for a devoted working professional to pay attention to what his body or mind requires? Indeed, it neither easy nor impossible! Under the light of the facts, let see how work-life balance can be maintained in the modern corporate world.

Know your capacity

You can’t work beyond your capacity. It’s truth that you must understand and accept before you ruin the balance between your personal and professional life. Once you lose control, it will take great amount of time and effort to re-establish it. Though you need to work hard for achieving anything big in the field where you work but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise the time which is meant for taking respect, and relaxing. In fact, you can’t stay productive if you don’t take rest properly. So, understand your capacity especially when you want to make steady growth. Try to put point politely when your manager assigns you the number of tasks, projects or assignments beyond you capacity. It would keep you stress free and would create a space for taking breaks at proper time intervals which could help you to maintain work-life balance.

Understand your role at work

You aren’t supposed to do every task but liable to do what comes under key responsibilities areas (KRAs). At first, understand it. Most of the professionals begin to take pain for the task when any of their co-workers or senior specially requests them to do something what isn’t under their KRAs. It may severely give a jolt to work-life balance; especially if you don’t have spare time for the same. And, once you begin to take others’ pain it you begin lose control over own life. So, be careful and cautious while being at work and put your point when any of your co-workers or seniors assigns the work that you aren’t supposed to do. You can also justify your point by showing the number of pending tasks that come under your KRAs. It would help you convince others at work which could evade you from doing the work that are unofficial assign to you. Eventually, it would help you to maintain work-life balance.

Follow routine

Do you maintain a calendar or implement a strong daily routine? If not, it might endanger work-life balance and force you always to stay on your toes. It may anything from your from time to eating time which could be a catalyst to work-life balance damage process. Just imagine one day you get late to reach your office due to sleeping for hours more than every day. Obviously, you will get late to reach your home as well because the office work consumes time. You can’t a task within a wink of an eye. It will ultimately damage work-life balance which can have severe effects on your productivity, health, and personal life. So, maintain calendar and follow a strong daily routine; especially if you’re working in a corporate company. It would maintain work-life balance which could have positive effects on your productivity, health, and performance at work.

Accomplish daily task

There are a good number of such professionals who tend to delay the assigned task or projects for next day. If you’re doing so in unusual situations, then it’s OK. Generally, every professional is assigned to new tasks or projects every day. Delaying the assigned task for next day may lead to a pile of pending works which could affect your KRAs at work. And, making extra efforts to regain the control means losing the control over work-life balance. So, don’t delay but try to accomplish the task assigned for the day within the deadline. It won’t let your routine works to be piled up which could help you to maintain the work-life balance. 


A work-life balance is essentially necessary for everyone who wants to have a happy and prosperous life. Though it’s difficult but there are some ways such as knowing capacity, understanding KRAs, following daily routine, and accomplishing daily tasks within the deadlines, by which work-life balance can be maintain. In this article, we have explained about these facts at a good length which can help you understand and maintain work-life balance.


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