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Tips to select the right career option when you have no idea

Balwant Tripathi

In our daily lives, we have to take many decisions. The decisions that we take as a part of our preparation to face and win over the challenges and problems in our lives have an apparent effect on our success and overall growth. Taking the right decision gets more important and crucial especially when we select a career option. The selection of a right career option may become a ladder to growth and success, while wrong career selection could become the main cause of failure and suffering.

But, selecting the right career option especially in current diversified job market isn’t a simple decision that you can easily take, yet there are some ways that can help you to take the right decision on the selection of career option.

Well, in this article, we have tried to explain about some tips that can help you in taking the right decision on the selection of career option. Take a look!

Assess Yourself

Selecting a career option without self-assessment is something that will lead to the selection of a wrong career option. And you can’t reach your destination if you’re moving on the wrong track. So, you must assess yourself before selecting a career option for yourself. In self-assessment, try to identify your interests, soft skills, and values; and select your career option in line with them. It would help you to select the right career option that is necessary for overall growth and success.  

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Prepare a list of career options

You may lose a career option that could be a ladder to your success and growth especially when you don’t know which career option is fit for you. To evade the loss, prepare a list while including all the career options you see. Also, include the career options that are appealing you. But, always keep your interest, values, and skills into your consideration while preparing the list. Once career options list is prepared, you will have a good number of career options in your list which could help you to select the right option.

Gather information about career options

After preparing a list of career options, try to gather all important details about the career options. But, try to ensure that the details are credible and providing correct information about significant points like salary, promotions, and other opportunities for growth while gathering details about the career options. After gathering important details, now you can rearrange the place of career options in your list while placing more beneficial career option in the top of the list. It would help you to easily identify the most beneficial career options that could make the career selection easy.  

Narrow down the list of career options

After having a big number of career opportunities in your master list, you need to narrow down it. For it, you can reduce the number of career options in your list while making opportunity based selections like opportunities for promotion, opportunities for salary hike, or opportunity for the overall growth. As a result of the more fruitful career options’ selection, you will find a list which has only 5 career options. It would help you to take a right decision on your career path that could lead you to success and growth. 

Conduct insightful research

After limiting the master list of career options, start to conduct intensive research about the career option that has still been left in your list. Meet people who can provide you useful details about the career options. You can also take help of the working professionals who are currently working in the industry. Apart from it, the career counsellors can also provide you some valuable information that isn’t provided in the job description. After conducting an insightful research on the career options you have in your list, you become able to figure out one of the most suitable and fruitful career options for you. And once the picture of a great career option becomes visible, you can easily figure out what necessary preparations you require to grab that job. 


In the current competitive corporate world, the success and growth of a professional depends on his performance at work. But, the performance of professionals depends on the right selection of a career option. You can’t be a performer if you fail to select a right career option for you. Though, career selection is a little tough and tricky job, but there are some tips that can make it much easier. In this article, we have tried to suggest and explain the tips which can help you to select a right career option.

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