Top Leadership Qualities for Teenagers

Leadership is a quality that is often spoken about only during one’s college days or professional life. But, it is a quality that one needs to imbibe right from one’s teenage days. Teen Life Coach Rajat Soni explains the top leadership qualities and skills that teenagers should imbibe during their formative years.

What is that one thing that is stopping you from living a life you dream of? It is YOU. It is your limiting beliefs about yourself. You can achieve everything you aspire to. A strong intent, passion and action, is all that it takes for you to be happy and successful.

1. Empathy

We often tend to put up a fight, or react to situations where we can simply respond. But how to do that? Your best friend just found another best friend, and you are feeling rejected. You have two options: Either to fight with your best friend and end your friendship forever, or else talk to your friend and understand what is actually going on in her mind.

Exercise Empathy. It is the ability to see and feel things from another person’s perspective. Once you understand the reasons why your friend or parent or sibling is behaving a certain way, you will not only be at peace with them but also with yourself. Now you are thinking and acting like a leader

2. Decision Making

There are so many times in our life when we are at a crossroad and have to decide which direction to take. Which subject should I take? Hindi or German, What career should I pursue, Shall I make him my friend or not? A leader always follows a process to make a decision.

First write down the problem in hand and then the choices. Now, evaluate the consequences of taking each choice. Which choice aligns to your value system? Sometimes we find it difficult to take the decision ourselves and we need help. Think about that one person who can help you out. Talk to them. Then once again assess your decision. Finally, go ahead with it.

3. Passion, Patience & Persistence

Identify your Passion: What is it that you can spend hours doing and not get bored? Here, I am not talking about addictions. For example, if a child is verycreative; he has a passion to sketch curtains, clothes, shoes, etc.

Have Patience: Have the patience to achieve your goal. Yes, Leaders create goals and find ways to achieve them quickly. You want to be in the design industry, create a portfolio, find the right institution, and keep working hard to get a reasonable score so that your admission to a design college is not hampered in any way.

Persistence: Never give up, no matter you will fail rise up again and move forward.

4. Resilience

There are points in life, we tend to give up. How can someone bully me so much, am I just not good enough? I give up, I cannot do this anymore. I am a failure. You are a failure only when you call yourself one. Leaders bounce back from failure and make a mark for themselves. Think of your role models and what is it that made them the leaders they are today.

5. Gratitude

We generally tend to crib about people and things. Be thankful for whatever you have in life. There are people who don’t even have that. Count your blessings. Appreciate every act of kindness and start from home. Write a Thank You letter to your parents or to your sibling.

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About the Expert:-

Rajat Soni is a Teen Life Coach, a motivational speaker and the founder of RajatSoni International, an organization catering to the overall personal development of teenagers. He helps teens and pre-teens overcome shyness, social anxiety, learning difficulties and any other factors that may be stopping them from achieving their full potential.

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