UP Board Class 10th Mathematics Solved Guess Paper; Set-I

Here you will get the UP BOARD Class 10 Mathematics Solved Guess Paper to prepare for the board exam to be held on 7th February, 2019.

Mathematics is one such subject in which students can score full marks by following the right preparation technique and exam writing techniques. You cannot learn Maths by just memorizing a set of formulae given in the book. You need to understand how to use those formulae, for which you would require more and more practice. So, it’s very important to solve practice papers, guess papers, sample papers. This will help you track your preparedness for the exam, letting you know your weak areas which you may improve later.  

UP BOARD Class 10 Mathematics Solved Guess Paper 2019, has been specially prepared by the subject experts after the brief analysis of previous year question papers and the latest examination format. The paper contains entirely fresh questions picked from the most important topics of class 10 Mathematics. Practice these questions will definitely help to fine tune your preparations for the board exam 2019.

Some significant features of this paper are:

  • Covers the whole syllabus of UP BOARD class 10 Mathematics.
  • Follows the latest examination pattern for class 10 Mathematics board exam 2019.
  • Each question has been provided with an apt and easy solution.
  • Questions have been asked from only those topics which are important from exam point of view.

Practicing this paper will help the students in understanding the depth with which a topic should be studied in order to prepare in a more effective way to get the desired results.

Some sample questions and their solutions from the UP BOARD Class 10 Mathematics Solved Guess Paper 2019 are given below:

Each and every question of this guess paper has been provided with a detailed explanations which will help students to understand what & how much they must write in UP Board class 10th board exam to score maximum marks. To take maximum benefits from this paper, students should put an honest effort to solve the paper and cross check their answers with the solutions provided with this guess paper.

Get the Complete Solved Guess Paper

UP Board Class 10 Mathematics Solved Practice Paper

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